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Remembering Lennox:

Lennox is the dog who brought BSL to the attention of thousands of people, many of whom did not know until Lennox's name and story was known world wide, the cruelty taking place towards dogs that look a certain way. Because of the suffering and long term incarceration of Lennox, his pitiful story shone a light on  the thousands of nameless canine victims of BSL whose sad stories also came to light alongside Lennox.

Since Lennox was killed a year ago today, his name is still on thousands of lips. His presence is felt in thousands of hearts and his memory is part of everything we do in our efforts to end breed specific legislation.

By killing Lennox, the powers that be maybe thought they would silence those that care. By killing Lennox maybe they thought we would go quietly away. By killing Lennox they thought that we would forget him. They were wrong. 

Lennox can never be forgotten and his plight and suffering will always be remembered and will inspire us to help other dogs who are equally innocent of committing any crime. The struggle to bring down the wall of BSL is  a long, heartbreaking and difficult journey but step by step and brick by brick we will remove the barriers of ignorance and prejudice and one day we will ensure that all dogs, no matter how they look, are valued and cared about without threat of a BSL prison sentence hanging over their precious heads. 

When a law is wrong it must be challenged, opposed and  changed. And so we honour Lennox today and we remember him and the pain he and his family endured whilst they were separated from each other.

We will never forget and we will never stop trying to end BSL because it is the right thing to do in memory of Lennox and all the other dogs gone before and after him.

Rest in peace Lennox. We ALL remember you and you will live on in our hearts. You did not deserve to die.

July 2013




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