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The founding principles of DDA Watch are that no dog is inherently dangerous by virtue of its breed alone and that, by focusing on certain breeds or types of dogs instead of placing the emphasis of  responsibility on the owners and breeders of dogs, we fail to target the real core of the issue.

DDA Watch monitors issues arising as a result of canine legislation and helps to keep the general public aware whilst building a better picture of the problems and campaigning for change. We campaign for an end to breed specific legislation and for dog laws to be focused on the owners and breeders of dogs, regardless of the breed or type.

Currently the UK has ‘breed specific legislation’ contained within section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act which was introduced in 1991 (Northern Ireland has its own version) and amended in 1997, it sets out four types of dogs which are prohibited in England, Wales and Scotland – full details here.

DDA Watch assists pet owners who are facing legal proceedings, for example under the Dangerous Dogs Act and advises and helps dog owners in preparation for court hearings, we liaise with legal defence teams, police forces, local authorities, behavioral and ID experts and the families themselves involved in very distressing circumstances.

We also freely advise and circulate factual information to individuals, groups, enforcers of legislation, dog rescues, behaviourists and trainers etc on the operation and problems associated with breed specific legislation and other laws and regulations relating to dogs.

We also follow up on cases where dogs have been released-to monitor dog welfare and provide help and advice when a dog has been released from kennels and returned home.

We actively promote responsible dog ownership, providing neutering vouchers where possible, courtesy of the Dogs Trust, directing owners to events in their area such as free micro-chipping and detailing free resources and educational events available on important issues such as child and dog safety, neutering and dog owner responsibilities under current legislation through our busy Facebook page which has over 30,000 supporters and is a constant hub of activity where people come together to learn, support others and our work.

DDA Watch operate several telephone helplines which run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; our volunteers receive a large volume of calls for confidential advice and assistance every day of the week.

DDA Watch also offers a rescue and rehoming service in some situations, often rehoming case dogs that cannot be returned to their owners. We do not own our own kennels so this is dependent on funds being available to kennel the dogs needing our help. We provide life-time rescue back up for all dogs adopted from us.

DDA Watch is run entirely by dedicated volunteers who donate all of their time and efforts and its services are always free of charge, we rely largely on your donations.


DDA Watch Ltd is a not-for-profit company, registered in England and Wales, co. reg number 7393352.



DDA Watch is a free, confidential service run by a team of dedicated volunteers who assist with cases, admin a busy facebook page packed with factual information, advice and news, operate several telephone helplines which are in constant daily demand along with our email service, tirelessly fundraise, run our eBay shop, organise merchandise and peaceful campaign and awareness initiatives, which enable DDA Watch to continue assisting dogs and families in need and to enlighten the public regarding the unfairness, injustice and failure of Breed Specific Legislation.

Secretary/Director - Sian Morton
Director - Maria Daines
Director - Caroline Murphy

Legal Advisor - Wheldon Law
Experts in dog law with a proven record of successfully defending clients and saving their dogs from destruction.

Legal Advisor - Pamela S Rose
Pamela has extensive experience in Dangerous Dogs Law and has appeared, been consulted and advised in numerous cases since the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 was first enacted.




DDA Watch Ltd is a not-for-profit company, registered in England & Wales, registration number 7393352.

Care has been taken to ensure that our information is correct. The information and advice given by DDA Watch is for general purposes and is intended for guidance only, it is not legal advice. The information and opinions expressed should not be relied on or used as a substitute for legal advice, if you require details concerning your rights, legal advice or find yourself affected by legislation it is recommended that you seek professional legal advice. 

Information given is for England and Wales only. Legislation in Scotland and N.Ireland may differ.

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