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Exempted Dogs Owners - West Yorkshire:

West Yorkshire police informed DDA Watch in January (2015) that they are aware of exempted dogs (registered on the Index of Exempted Dogs) which currently have expired insurance.

The police have written to the owners to remind them of their obligations and this has resulted in a number of owners renewing their insurance, however, not all insurance lapses have been renewed and the police informed us that they intend to contact these owners via letter and will then follow this up with a visit.

West Yorkshire Police have said they would like to work with DDA Watch in order to ensure that owners comply with the requirements and that they understand the insurance obligation in addition to other requirements.

Important Reminder from DDA Watch: If you are the registered owner of an exempted dog - please check that your insurance is current; you need to keep your compulsory 3rd party liability insurance up-to-date, at all times and when you renew it you need to send proof of your insurance cover to the Index - if your insurance lapses or the Index does not have your renewed insurance details on record then your dog is at risk of being seized and if you are taken to court-the court may order your dog destroyed.

If you need help or advice, aren't sure what to do, how to renew, where to send the proof of insurance to etc – please contact us – Email: ddawatch@gmail.com or find us on our Facebook page or telephone one of our helplines to speak to one of our volunteers.





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