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We are regularly asked for links to petitions connected with breed specific legislation and other issues relating to dogs.

We have compiled the details and links to petitions which are open and also you can browse through some of the closed petitions to see what the outcome or response was.

Re: UK Government Petitions (the petition.parliament.uk website) at 10,000 signatures the government will respond and at 100,000 signatures the petition will be considered for debate in Parliament.

Click on the link to go to each petition and read the full details, if you agree with what the petition is asking for please sign and share.

Petitions help to keep up the pressure for smarter fairer dog law and raise vital awareness on the issues.

If you have petition details you would like to submit, you are welcome to send us the details.

Blue Cross Petition - Call on the Government to Repeal BSL and until such a time, allow responsible rehoming organisations to find homes for stray banned types so that rehomable pets are not needlessly killed: https://www.bluecross.org.uk/our-campaign-end-breed-specific-legislation

RSPCA Petition - calling on the Government to launch an inquiry into BSL, urge EFRA, as part of their inquiry to recommend revoking BSL, call on the government to finally end BSL.

UK Dog Breed Specific Legislation Is Discriminatory, Ineffective And Should End Now:

Reform the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and Repeal Breed Specific Legislation:

Revoke or Amend S.I 2015 No.138 & Save Lives:

Open Keepership for Prohibited Dogs:

Reclassify the theft of a pet to a specific crime in its own right:

Ban the sale of puppies by pet shops & all commercial 3rd party dealers

UK Government to ban the sale of electronic training aids for dogs.


The following petitions have now closed:

Petition for Sky: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/p/LetSkyLive 

Repeal sec 1 of Dangerous Dogs Act, Apply Breed Neutral, Responsible Pet Ownership Laws-CLOSED https://www.change.org/p/repeal-sec-1-of-dangerous-dogs-act

Put an end to Breed Specific Laws (BSL)-CLOSED https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/113608

Ban Breed Specific Legislation-Government Response-CLOSED: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/104925

Amend the Dangerous Dogs Act to allow for fair, uniform return of seized dogs-CLOSED: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/123631

Repeal SI 138 and allow exempted dogs who pose no danger, to live with keepers-CLOSED:                                  https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/163063



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