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Not Guilty! A Vigil for all Victims of BSL.

Last July DDA Watch held a very successful Candle Light Vigil for Bruce.

This year we are hosting Not Guilty! A Vigil for all Victims of BSL.

The vigil will take place on Saturday 24th July from 4pm to 7pm at Richmond Terrace, City of Westminster, London, SW1A.

Map here.

Everyone is welcome but please note that NO DOGS ARE PERMITTED TO ATTEND THIS EVENT. It is our turn to fight for them so their presence is not required and they would prefer the sofa at home anyway!!!

We are asking everyone who attends to write a personal letter stating why they are opposed to B.S.L. At 5pm two representatives of DDAWatch will be escorted to Downing Street to hand in your letters. Personal letters are prefered but there is a suggested template letter here

If you cannot attend but would like us to hand in a letter on your behalf plese contacu us for a postal address.

Please ensure all letters are handsigned and ideally an address for any response to be sent directly back to yourself. Alternatively you can email your letter to us and DDAWatch will sign it on your behalf. A selection of letters may be read out at the Vigil although names/addresses will not be given out. Please state on the reverse of your letter if you do not wish your letter to be read out.

Please bring posters and banners and keep all dialogue with the public polite and friendly. We wish to share our message in a positive and memorable way. We have a job to do, to educate the public and campaign peacefully to the government and we need to engage rather than enrage.

We hope many of you will be able to attend the vigil and show your support for the repeal of Section One, DDA.

Please bring cameras and soft drinks. Poster and banner ideas will be uploaded to DDAWatch facebook group in the next few days.

We are also hoping to do a live broadcast of the event and would love to hear from anyone wishing to hold a similar event in their area. Please email us for more info.

To add a fun element to our peaceful vigil, there will be a mystery PRIZE for the best T-shirt of the day, best banner and after the event, best of photograph from the vigil, get creative folks!!

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you there!

Please confirm attendance by emailing us with the number of people in your group or you can confirm via our facebook fan page

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