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London Takes Part in Global Peaceful Protests:

17th July:

Dog owners, campaigners and the public unite in global day of protest against Breed Specific Law (BSL) on Saturday 19th of July.

Peaceful protests take place across the UK – including Westminster, Liverpool, Belfast, Wales and Glasgow. 

The Westminster event takes place at Old Palace Yard, Westminster, SW1P 3JY and will begin at 12 o clock and ends at 4pm.

There are also peaceful protests organised around the world on Saturday 19th – including Canada, Australia, USA, Denmark, Germany and four other countries in an effort to end Breed Specific Legislation and send a strong message to our politicians that BSL does not and is not working.

The UK has included BSL as part of its 1991 Dangerous Dog Act and campaigners say the law costs millions to enforce and does not keep the public safe. Hundreds of pets have been seized and are currently being forcibly removed from their homes and locked away whilst their fate – whether they will live or die – is decided.

People are coming together, making a stand and speaking out in defence of ALL dogs regardless of what shape or size they happen to be.

Leading animal welfare charities have disagreed with and openly discredited BSL for many years, outlining the fact that dogs cannot be labelled 'dangerous' for their looks alone and they have called for an end to this outdated legislation.

Recent tragic cases such as Tyson, the police sniffer/rescue dog featured on Channel 5 'The Dog Rescuers' TV programme and put to sleep under BSL, shows clearly how unfair and unworkable breed specific legislation is.

Dogs which have never put a paw wrong, puppies, adults, the old dog, the sick dog, the rescue dog, BSL shows no mercy and the killing goes on and on.

For Further Information Please Contact:

Caroline Murphy

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Anti-BSL Peaceful Protest - Photo Album Here















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