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How BSL can affect overseas families:


DDA Watch regularly receives enquiries from overseas regarding our BSL status, from families who are moving into the UK either permanently or on a temporary basis due to work or family commitments and often they have a beloved four legged family member that they are concerned may fall under the far reaching arm of Breed Specific Legislation.

Once they are aware of our restrictions there is huge disappointment and hard decisions are made, life plans are altered because many will not leave or simply cannot leave without their dog, nor risk bringing their much loved companion pet to the UK whilst BSL is part of our dog legislation.

This is another aspect of BSL that affects good, caring citizens who have a lot to offer the UK and our economy. Sadly, inherently flawed breed specific legislation affects responsible dog owners who feel they cannot visit or move to the UK for fear of their dog being at risk.

Nicole Bruck runs Animals-R-Family rescue in Connecticut, USA and she speaks out on this issue as below.

Brits in Exile:
I lived in London for the best part of two decades, fell in love with the city and consider it home. I bought a flat, piled onto the Central Line to commute into Liverpool Street Station every morning for work and spent my money at restaurants, shops and theatres across London.

I am now exiled in another country because I cannot bring my pit bull dog back with me to the UK.

I have met many Brits who have pit bull 'type' dogs and cannot return home. These are professional people who have successful careers and would be an asset to the UK economy, but they too are exiled. They have fallen in love with pit bull dogs and are willing to sacrifice being close to families and friends in the UK, as they have realised what all of us know who have pit bull dogs: there is no greater love than that which a pit bull dog has for her/his human.

In the US, my pit bull dog is a certified therapy dog who visits cancer patients, the elderly and disabled kids.

In the UK she would be seized and possibly killed, just because of her physical appearance.

This highlights everything that is wrong with Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). A highly trained pit bull dog in one country who comforts dying kids is deemed "inherently vicious" in the UK. It defies logic and it defies the facts.

The UK government and police forces across the country have been feeding the UK public a steady diet of lies and myths about pit bull dogs and the need for BSL for the last 25 years and it must end.
Physical appearance does not predict behavior or personality.

Besides serving as therapy dogs and search and rescue dogs, there are millions of pit bull dogs across the US who live peacefully and unremarkably with their families. They are one of the most popular dogs for family pets and are wonderful with kids.

Pit bull dogs are one of the most loving and affectionate breeds, and once you know the love of a pit bull dog, you are hooked for life. You are willing to sacrifice going back to your home, family and friends.

The American Temperament Test Society reports that dogs belonging to the breeds that historically are thought of as being pit bulls, like American Staffordshire Terriers and American Pit Bull Terriers, test better than Golden Retrievers.

BSL must be revoked in the UK. Tens of millions of taxpayer money is being wasted on BSL, while the government cuts essential services. It is a gross misuse of taxpayer pounds.



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